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At GANS Conseils & Services, we are always fully focused on helping you increase your income and the performance of your business.

We support our clients in the development and execution of their strategic plan. We also support foreign investors and companies in their plans to set up in Africa and also African companies and investors who want to expand their business in Europe, Canada, the USA and China.

Finally, we offer our clients innovative IT solutions and we also organize business trips to Africa, Europe, Canada, the USA and China lasting 15 days during which there will be visits business meetings, group and private meetings with businessmen from the host country and many other activities.

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Strategic advice

Our consultants help our clients in the development of their strategic plan and also in its execution. We also support foreign investors and companies in their installation in Africa


We offer 15-day all-expense-inclusive business stays to businessmen in Africa, Europe, Canada, the United States and China. We also offer our customers innovative IT solutions.


Our experienced trainers offer our clients professional training in: Project management (Agile, Waterfall), project risk management, business management, HR management, database management and web development.

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How We can Help ...?

GANS Conseils et services puts at your disposal a team made up of experienced consultants and IT specialists who are dedicated to their mission.

The advice, services and training provided to our clients by our consultants and trainers will increase the revenue and organizational performance of our clients.

  • Strategic advice
  • Intermediary between businessmen
  • Business stay
  • Corporate website
  • E-commerce site
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Web hosting
  • Formations
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